Hi there! We have a couple of questions, so we can truly understand you and what you want to offer!
You don't have to fill in everything, though we advise you to do so. We will thoroughly review this information before our meeting so that we can get started right away!

If you prefer, you can answer in Dutch :-)
First, about you! How do we call you? And why do you need a strong (online) identity?

Do you have partners? If so, who are they?

What is the name of your brand?

How long have you been working on it?

Do you already have a brand and/or a logo?

We can develop a brand with you, but we can also work with your existing identity if you already have one.
Tell us more about what you offer!

Give us a good feeling for what you want to provide for your clients/users.
In which sector are you active?

What do you offer?

What makes your product or service unique?

Do you focus on online or offline?

What is your target group?

Tell us a bit more about your target group

Tell us something unique about them and why your idea matches their needs. Who do you think will be interested in what you offer? And who wouldn't?

If you have the info: the more the better! If not, the basics are a good start.
Thanks for completing this typeform
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